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"My tablet is only one year old, I bought it at Wal-Mart, it was playing fine then it stated re charge, it was late at night so I just turned the tablet off, I tried to recharge it in the morning, by the afternoon I checked to see if was charged, it wasn't, I reconnected the tablet to the charger again, checked that night, again nothing, I used the charger for another tablet it worked fine "

okey now we'r talking

so first of all you can check the USB port on your tablet becouse you said "Wal-Mart" it makes me kinda suspicious (i don't think your tablet is a piece of $@$* but hey it's suspicious)

if you have some lens like 30x or 50x(or 10x and good eyesight ...mine is really bad (at 18y old.....)) or microscope or anything look at your USB port if there is some crap inside or anything suspicious try to take it out (with non-conductive thingy (don't use metal (or be extreamly carefull!)))

if it dosen't still work and there is nothing inside (or something that makes you think...)

what you can do is to open up your tablet and check the port again (if it wiggles or so....)

you can also check the baterry itself and try to reconnect it and check the cables....(i don't think there is an issue..)

also you can try to wiggle the USB lead in your tablet and it may start charge (just wiggle it arround and check whatever it makes diffrence

there could be some of the component's on the PCB blown or damaged (just check it few times )

i have heard that sometimes components blow and the line from charging circuit to battery is open (no connection) but that's on iphones...(could be on your tablet...)

have you tryed to google ?

if anything on the PCB is blown or damaged you will need to do Level 3 repair...

as i said check for damages and try to wiggle the cable arround

if you have warranty take it back to the store again, it's easy

also hit thanks if i helped