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UPDATE! and fix!

so after fiddling with it for a couple DAYS. i got my hands on a windows 8 CD. i put that onto my flashdrive and was able to install windows 8 onto it.  i dont fully understand why but i do believe its a setting in the bios called legacy boot. you have older boot for win vista, win xp and win7. with win8 being the specailly little flower it is. it needs a different boot bios setup. so i just slapped default settings and installed off of the flashdrive.

problems with this fix.

this laptop doesnt have any key codes on it, in its box, or on anything it came with. since i bought it second hand, the only thing i could think of would be the first owner got that in an email or from where they bought it from. so sadly i had to use a key from a junked laptop.

all in all these laptops are the best "under 200 bucks" laptops i have seen. the light weight, long battery, and just simpleness of it makes these a hoot! perfect for kids or a first computer for elderly. you dont pay alot so your not out alot. totally a good high school laptop. only downside is storage being 32GBs but hey. if you wanted to haul around a mountain, get a dump truck! this is a city car kinda computer. small, cheap and simple! plus get an external! safer in the long run!

thank you ifixit for being here! and your tools are awesome!


you can only replace the screen on these. everything else is just to much work.