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Blue screen boot loop after water damage (no screw damage)


Hello all,

I have an iPhone 5s that had a minute amount of water damage at the battery connector area. Putting a new battery in would allow full function of the device, but I only did that to remove iCloud account and then turned off. I proceeded to water restoration. I removed the shield next to the  battery connector and just partly removed the rear shield. I did not see signs of water on any other part but the very end of the logic board. Once I had cleaned off the corrosion with alcohol, ultrasonic cleaner and brush  I put the phone partially together with a new battery.

Now the phone began to do a 10-15 second boot loop.

I tried another battery and these were showing the boot screen for probably 30 seconds then would slide transition into the blue screen for probably 1 second and then reboot, and repeat.

I can not get anything out of any other batteries and am curious how removing the corrosion might have made the phone worse..

Does anyone have any ideas?


iPhone 5s