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Post originale di: wisniej467 ,


Has anyone else found a resolve to this short of telling the customer that it's drop damage.  Customer says that cracked digitizer installed and being used under a screen protector, that none of these issues existed.  My situation is that it will lose wifi connection randomly and also reboot randomly.  The unit and wifi do work perfectly, but both situations happen from dropping signal and picking it back up no issue randomly, and the powering down issue.  Haven't confirmed if it's timed close together or just genuine random (minutes this time, hours later time).  I did disconnect the battery per instructions for the digitizer swap, but with that said, never played with the unit for hours once I saw the digitizer working as it should.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Hard reset was done (holding both buttons), but haven't done a full restore of the operating system (using itunes).  Telling customer to try to do a full recharge first but any assistance would be greatly appreciated!!!!!