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I dropped my iPhone 6 in a hot tub for 1.5 seconds. I turned it off immediately and wrapped a towel around it for another hour before I had to make a phone call. The screen was touch glitchy and the call mic(the speaker for your ear when having a phone call) didn't work. I then turned it off and on about 3 times within a 6 hour period. I finally turned it off for about 9 hours in a dry rice bowl. I woke up that morning to see that my call mic works! Now my only problem is that my wifi antenna is very weak. I need to be within 0-10 feet of my router for it to pop up/connect. Is there any way I can make it stronger? Do I need to replace my logic board or just the antenna? It's been 2 days after the incident and it's still happening. Thanks! Tweet me if anyone has a fix @andttias. It'd be greatly appreciated!