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Hi buddy i was given a iphone 5s as it was dropped into the toilet and put in drawer for about 6 to 8 months before he gave to me and if u look at mine it was dead as a duck but after soaking the logic board in alcohol 99.9% and cleaning it and  the conectors still nothing and me pushing the connectors on i

Bent some of the pins on the lcd conector on logic end so got a doner logic biard still dead so i bought a new usb flex with parts fitted £3.99 and power flex£1.99 and i fitted the usb flex and fought i would give it a go and plugged  in to laptop and it beeped but nothing on screen but i was happy with that so i took the logic board out and put the donar 1 in as i knew the pins on the other 1 was abit bent so anyway put the other 1in and bang it all came in and everything worked apart from making calks but i know the problem because i had no nano sim i broke my virgin 1 down ro fit and worked but not out going calls or in apart from imessage and facetime all worked so im applying for a new sim tommorow but my point being how can just the usb port flex cable be just the problem but i cant answer that but its fixed so im happy after 6 to 8 months being dead in the drawer.good luck and dont give up.coco