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So far I would say it's not possible, I've tried using a Kingston 240GB SV30037A SSD and 240GB Crucial CT250BX100SSD1 SSD on a Power Mac G5 A1177 G5 Dual Core 2GHz and so far it's not seeing either drive.

I tried cloning Leopard  10.5.6 from a Toshiba ( Apple ) 250GB MK2555GSFX to the 240GB Crucial  and the G5 didn't see the drive - Now cloning to the Kingston 240GB to see it if works.

I tried this a few months ago with a G4 iMac ( can't remember the exact model ) using a Crucial SSD and some how was able to make it work - It may be because I'm doing this on a Intel MacBook ?  I partitioned both drives using Apple Partition Map so in a while I'll try the Kingston to see if it boots.