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The GT5000 is a hydrostatic drive with electric PTO. Now the fuse makes sense :-)the fuse will most likely be a green or blue fuse. The holder will be under the dash area, sometimes the fuse holder will just hang on the harness under the dash area but sometimes it is clipped onto the battery tray or the side of the dash area. in almost all cases though, it will be on the right hand side of the tractor.

I would place some weight on the seat 9i.e. sandbag etc), and nothing attached to your PTO, turn the switch on, then measure voltage to the PTO. If you have no power then check for a bad fuse, faulty wiring (especially the wires going to the clutch), faulty seat switch, etc. Also make sure that all the wires are properly connected. I attached the schematic for your mower so you can do some more testing if needed.