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So 2012 model, this means 820-3115 board. First homework is to find ASD 3S150 or 3S155. Yes this will require going to illegitimate websites because Apple are !$$&*! that keep this from you on purpose, but what are you going to do. People still buy their products in droves so they can do whatever the &&^& they want.  It will tell you what sensor is at fault causing the fan to always run high. You need to know this or else you'll just be guessing.

On battery recognition, the SMC data line that communicates with the battery also communicates with the BIL, the battery indicator/sleep sensor on smbus_smc_5_g3_scl and smbus_smc_5_g3_sda. Disconnect that and see if it fixes anything.

See if R5280 and R5281 are present on the board or ripped off. If they are present, see if there is pulsing on the smbus_smc_5_g3_scl and smbus_smc_5_g3_sda sides of the resistors. It should look like 8:39 from this video on an oscilloscope. It should peak at 3.42v and go down to 0 to make waves.

On charger, try DC in board but also see if SMC_BC_ACOK on pin 14 of U7000 is high. Anything lower than 2v and something is &&^&@@ up with U7000. If you see that 2-3v on U7000 pin 12, move onto U6901 and see if it makes it to the input of the logic gate at pins 1 and 2, and see if this is sending PP3V42_G3H to U6900 on pin 4 of U6901.