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We have done hundreds of mini and have found out the cheapo digitizers are grounding out on the frame of the mini digitizer, it the chrome silver boarder that is on the frame lip. We just coat it with a tape completely surrounding the inside of the boarder. 5mm ds tape is used on the sides and the top and bottom we use 1/4". We do this directly on the digitizer. The top and bottom of the frame we don't take off the film to expose the top side of the double sided tape but the sides we remove to seal the unit. we then tape the remaining perimeter of the glass on the top with 1/4 ds tape and the bottom is done directly on the ipad. We still have home button issues from incorrect solder by the factory.

What we are currently trying to locate is a manufacturer that has digitizers coated so none of the above is needed. We have purchase some before but at the time we didn't bother keeping track of that supplier.

So to wrap this up just make sure the chrome frame around the digitizer is coated with something non conductive and you shouldn't have any issues.