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Thank you.  It is, according to Apple (based on serial number), a 3rd generation iPad.  To be honest, I'm pretty sure I didn't damage the home button cable, but I will check it, as it seems I am destined to open this thing again.  The case around the home button is undamaged, and the front panel assembly was ostensibly brand new from, and, in any case, is undamaged so far as I can see.  I'm not sure how the button could be that misaligned, but I can play with that when it is open as well.  I did try adjusting its position a little before adhering the glass, as it wasn't working then either, but I wasn't sure if that could be due to the raised glass panel.

Is there a way to test the home button function without the button/glass panel in place?  LCD would have to be in place, I imagine.