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Post originale di: Mike ,


Same problem with ours... not igniting the flame, just a glow then nothing, then another minute later,just a glow, then nothing.  I hate washers and dryers.  Mostly, I hate being on a cement basement floor with the dust and lint and cramped space and taking everything apart, testing it (with an ohms meter), doing a thorough cleaning with a shop vac, dropping little screws, finding the right size socket, knocking things over, and cutting my hands and arms on the sheet metal.  Then I test it and see that the ignitor catches the flame and I think "BINGO" it is fixed.  Then, getting everything back together on the dryer, trying to reattach the venting pipes, and wrestling the beast back into place, put all the tools away, clean up the area, plug it back in, throw clothes from the washer, into the dryer, turn that sucker on AND... just a glow, then nothing, just a glow, then nothing...  All this in the evening after a wonderful 10 hour day at work.  As I mentioned before... I HATE WASHERS AND DRYERS!