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Post originale di: cortneysbbyboy ,


Someone added an answer closer to the top of this page, with a disassembly video, and an assembly video.. I watched both, and I don't think I would EVER take that chance.. I was told you could screw up your phone big time if you don't know what your doing. I called a place called YouBreakIFix and they said it would cost $199.99 because it's one of the biggest samsung screens.. So therefore, your better off doing that so you know it will be done correctly, and also, it's cheaper than buying a new phone. My note 2 is currently cracked, I'm just waiting to get the money to get it fixed. LUCKILY, my digitizer (I believe lol), is not messed up, bc the crack is a little big, but I can still see behind the crack. So, idk if that will decrease the price a little.. I'm not sure.. But, good luck!