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Post originale di: Jan ,


okay, i happened to get a used matt display assembly, and tried if it would work, and it did.

Hope that sheds some light for other readers. The only thing thats not working now is the

bluetooth and wifi options. The small blue card is the bluetooth unit (and also the wifi unit?!)

in the glossy version it is built in the display assembly underneath the clutch cover, however on the matt version

it is placed on the bottom case and it also looks a bit different.

my question now, how to get wifi back to work? i dont mind the bluetooth but a laptop without wifi is practically useless :-/

i disassembled the old blue card from the broken glossy display:

but the connectors are a bit different, or do i need the bluetooth card for the matt version now?


does this even fix wifi?

hope someone can help.

option c would be to get an usb wifi card, something like: