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Post originale di: mrodyn ,


i have a problem with my macbook pro 2010 model, wont boot period dreaded question mark out of warranty, will boot to recovery but wont see hdd period, replaced hdd cable and hdd and still nothing dont know what to do now, still havent even paid the %#*@ computer off but yet its out of warranty this blows i really hope the logic board isnt fried but i can still sirf the web if i hold the command button at power up and click on the search internet recovery but it wont seem to power and read any hdd that i put in anybod have any sugestion the hdd cable is good its brand new and the light in the front that iS Apart of th hdd cable is on where it wouldnt come on before replacemnet of the cable it wouldnt i dont know what to do, dont have much money to repair

trying to fix on my own have pc repair knowledge but no mac.......