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Weak Igniters may cause oven failure but on gas dryers, Igniters usually work, or they don't. I had to test the "Accepted answers" theory though. I called to locate an igniter and the man asked me (who i new use to work at GE when they were still in fresno on blackstone) "What makes you think its the igniter"? I told him the 7 minutes it warmed up then would not heat until I restarted, and i looked on the internet for probable causes. He told me the igniters work or they don't, which sounded right to me, as I've worked on many, and he told me to replace the coils. I replaced the igniter, for my own ("proof") with no changes. Then I replaced the coils and it worked like a charm. Oh, By the way, he also told me to not believe what you read on the Internet!!! Present comment excepted!!! My words