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How do I remove a 3.5mm tip from inside the audio jack?


'''The''' tip of a 3.5mm headphone male pin has detached itself quite good inside my headphone jack (MBP 15"). I have tried every technique including toothpicks with epoxy to tweezers to tiny drills. All of this has only resulted in the tip getting more and more stuck!  I am ready to open this baby up and fix it from the inside.

'''Would''' this be a good idea? Will I be able to drill open the audio output "cage" that I have observed by looking at the step-by-step guides? If this is the case - would I be able to pry out the tip from there?

'''But''' before I do it - Does anybody know if I would be able to use a bluetooth headset to get audio from my MBP? Right now I can't get any sound, even from the internal speakers since the tip is making the mac think that there are headphones attached, and therefore the speakers are offline.

'''I''' am immensely grateful for any input or words of advice. Sending it to service is out of the question for monetary reasons.

Thank You!


MacBook Pro 15" Core 2 Duo Models A1226 and A1260