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Post originale di: Nico ,


Red Light of death blinking after battery and motherboard replace?


It all began with my broken screen. I sent the device to my assurance and got it back after a few days. I got the same device with a new screen. Everything seemed to be fine but suddenly my phone started to turn of with a battery capacity of 95%. This happend every 1 to 3 minutes. There is no possibility to send it back. I tried to recalibrate the battery while the nexus was turned on, but that also didn't work. Now it only turns on, if I press the power button while plugging in the cable. Then the Google Logo appears and it turns off again after 4-5 seconds. If I don't press the power button while plugging in, the red notification light turns on and starts to blink in irregular intervals. If I try to access fastboot mode the device turns also off again after round about 5 seconds. There's no chance to "power-off" the phone manually. After all of that that didn't work I ordered a new battery. I opened the case on replaced it. Nothing changed. Now I ordered a secondhand mainboard on ebay. I replaced it with the iFixit manual, but the lamp is still blinking when I try to turn the nexus on. (Like before it only turns on for some seconds if I plug the cable in while pressing the power button.) My last idea was the USB Flex, I ordered one yesterday. Do you have any other ideas how to repair my device?

Thanks a lot!

Nico from germany.


Nexus 4