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Post originale di: Debbie ,


I am also having the same problem. I have done everything that everyone has suggested on multiple sites, and still nothing. I can't get the pictures off my iphone 5 and its very frustrating.

I tried going into photos (in iTunes) and selecting "Sync photos from folder" and when I select "selected photos" there are no check marks next to any of the folders, so that alone should say they are not on my phone, yet they are.

I also tried going into 'albums' on my phone, selecting 'edit' but that doesn't give me the option to delete anything. BTW, I am using IOS 8.0.

I also deleted the folder from my computer "Ipod Photo Cache" even tho there was a lot of icons in it, there didn't seem to be anything in them. Still didn't work, tho!!! Ugh!!!

Any other suggestions you have would be much appreciated.