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Post originale di: lykho635 ,


I have Panasonic 42 in. Plasma TV for more than 8 years now and never gave me any problem until this month, will turn on few seconds then off, same 10x blinks and nothing. I did all the easy fix, vacuum the back TV, plugged to different outlet and it worked. Two weeks later , it gave me the same problem again.  My next option was to unplug the TV for 2-3 days as what some people suggested, but it's hard to imagine no TV for few days? After 4 hours I tried again but still not working. There are many components attached to the TV, (my nephew is an electronic junkie even though he does not live with me). I tried removing the attached Ruko, and Turned on the TV and it WORKED. My nephew couldn't believe I fixed the problem myself as I am a senior citizen auntie who does not know about electronics. Thanks to all who posted their comments, I was able to get some ideas.