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Well I'm very sorry to hear that. And I hate to be blunt but quite frankly you ought to be ashamed of yourselves. I work to ''refurbish'' Apples and I firstly cannot settle for such a crude standard. Secondly, you are prematurely assuming my ability in repairing computers. I find the 12" PowerBook to be simple to repair. The TiBooks and ''much more so'' the iBook G3s are 1000 times more difficult and complicated than the more modern and simplified 12" PowerBook. I desire to repair this latch as I have been into display housings before, repairing Titanium hinges and LCDs. I noticed on the other post that someone mentioned that you'd have to replace the entire bezel part. I merely wonder which bezel part I should get? The front probably has the clasp, not the back, but I guess that's up to me to discover. Thank you very much for your help and consideration, but I guess there's no way for the determined to find out difficult answers. Thank you.