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Hot air will probably melt the LCD connector if you're not careful.  Honestly it sounds like you might not have experience with microsoldering, in which case unless you tend to be an extremely lucky guy,  you might want to consider sending this board out for what is a quick easy repair with the right tools and experience.

I know the first time I tried to do this exact same repair I ended up melting the connector and knocking off three or four adjacent components and spending several frustrating evenings on it---never did fix that phone.    Fast forward a year of practice and expensive tools later--this is a 15 minute easy job.

If you want to give it a DIY shot, you'd need magnification and good pair of hot tweezers that can work on that scale.  For the two LCD filters, if you just make a thin wire bridge using wire from inside an iPhone vibrator parts you won't notice a defect and your backlight will be back on.

Good luck!