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We’ve all been there – accidentally pressing the wrong button and losing all the data you have been working on in an instant, rendering it irretrievable. This, unfortunately, is a very common and frustrating human error. Pressing delete by accident or losing data due to a formatting error can cause you to lose all of your work with no obvious way of bringing it back. At Swansea Data Recovery, we can help you recover our data if you are business owner, gamer or simply like to write. Just get in touch and we will discuss how we will go about retrieving your data and provide a no obligation diagnosis and quote.

Our computer’s hard drive requires [|Hard Disk Data Recovery] firmware to be able to function properly. Made up of internal program(s), firmware is an essential requirement and helps our computer’s work on a day to day basis. However, sometimes firmware can become corrupt and fail and cause lasting damage to your hard drive. If your computer has been damaged because of faulty firmware, you could end up losing valuable data and your computer can become damaged and even unusable.