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Post originale di: Christopher Tierney ,


Hello Brendan,

There is a fuse located on the triangular power supply board.  If your unit shows no signs of life, I would go there first.  Use a hair dryer to soften the adhesive on the rubber matting.  Use a resistance meter to check the fuse.

The fuse is located at the narrow end of the power supply next to a 180ufd 16volt electrolytic capacitor.  There will be silicone rubber at the base of the cap usually covering some of the fuse.

Also look at the solder connections at the receptacle for the 12volt jack.  There is a strip of conductive padding inserted by the row of input/output jacks.  It has been installed improperly on a few units I've seen.  Be sure it isn't shorting the solder pads at the 12volt receptacle.

I've seen a lot of problems, black screen, error codes at reinstall, 3 red flashes etc., but I have yet to see a completely dead boxee.

By the way, if you are reading 11 volts without a load, your adaptor is funky.  The boxee needs 12 volts.  Your adaptor should be at 12 or a little higher no load.

Good luck,