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Most mechanics do not  think this far a head as the problem can be caused multiple things.

The most common is the wheel bearings wear out causing the break sensor to touch the hub causing the sensor to error out.

If it happens to one bearing the rest are going to be bad soon. So fix them all.

The good thing is the fix is relatively easy. The bad thing is the parts are a little pricey.

You'll have to replace all the wheel hubs to fix the problem.

Here is another part that also requires attention and repairs to fix the ABS errors. If any of the other parts in the suspension are worn it will affect the rotation of the wheel and sensors, mostly when breaking. Example: if the front struts are worn out or have lost the gas charge the wheel will have some "chatter" when breaking. It may not be noticeable to the driver or you may not feel it in the steering wheel. However, the wheel sensor picks this up as loss of traction. So, if you replaced the hubs and you are still having the same issue, replacing the struts along with the wheel hub could fix the problem. Have your mechanic look at the rest of the suspension parts to ensure there are not any issues.

Another benefit to repairing the worn suspension parts is your vehicle will drive nicer and will be much safer to drive.

As you were told when you were a kid, "pay attention".