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Thank you Sooo Much.... Ralph, rj713,Majesty & Mayer :)))))))

I hope I'm doing this part right trying to reply to you all :))

I've check all the info out that you lovely gents have given me and from what I've seem so far about the Mac's I LOVE IT... they look so much easier then the p.c. laptops to work on.

Mayer, You've mentioned about limitation problems over 128G' HD.... I was thinking that I'd put a 500G in both my new toys as well as pumping up their ram is this problem a major hassle or just a bit of extra time.

I'd like to be able to do abit of photo editing & video editing on them :)))

Many thanks again guys and look forward to hearing from you soon :)))

P.s: Please let me know if I've done this reply the wrong way as I'm new to your Wonder site :))