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I have two Galaxy Note 2 I317 AT&T both with broken glass.  For replacement parts I bought only the following:

2 Samsung Glass Screens

4 Clear adhesive covers (in case I have to start over)

1 bottle rubbing alcohol

1 hair dryer

1 roll of 40 pound spider wire fishing line (the braided nylon)

use a hammer and small nail and drive a nail into a  piece of wood or even a work bench will do.  Tie a long piece of spider wire to the nail.  With a pair of gloves and hair dryer, heat up the phone and insert the spider wire underneath the glass and slowly saw back and forth until you remove the glass.

clean up parts with clean rag and alcohol.

replace the glass and clear adhesive.

Result:  this worked great for one phone, but the other for some reason only works with the s-pen and finger swiping does not work at all.  kind of got me stumped.  Maybe I heated up the phone too much and fried the digitizer?  not sure, if I killed the digitizer seems the s-pen should not work either.  Does anyone know how to locate and determine exactly how to troubleshoot finger swiping components?