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I need a complete Power cable & adapter


Hi There :)

First off I'd like to say THANK YOU!!! for a great site, I've just bought 2 apple laptop being the iBook G3-A1005 & the PowerBook G3(M7572)... I've never used apple before so I've thrown myself into the deep end :)))))

The biggest problem I'm having with them at the moment IS:: I can't seem to get the complete power supply cable & adapter for them (Australia) So I'm wondering if you can PLEASE help me out with this problem....I'm dying to play with me new toys :))))

The other 2 Question I have Is: What is the maximum ram I can run in both these computers???

2:The Hard drives in them are IBM do I have to run IBM IDE hard drives in them or can I run larger(GB) seagate drives in them????

Thanks heaps for your time and I Look forward to hearing from you very soon :))

Very Kind Regards

Annie :)


iBook G3 12"