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I doubt it is a virus, that would be very difficult to implement into an ipod and a song added to it would be incapable of causing a virus on it as well because it cannot execute code.

This sounds like a battery issue but it could be a logic issue as well. Replacing the battery in this model iPod should not be that difficult but it will require soldering. 

Some helpful steps:

1. Do a full restore on the iPod through iTunes. If that doesn't work we rule out the software being corrupt.

2. Is the iPod hot when charging? This could be a sign of water damage

3. Does the iPod have a hissing sound when charging or when turning on or off? This could indicate a logic board issue.

4. If #2 or #3 are true take it to an apple store genius bar to see what they think. 

5. After moving through these steps its now ok to attempt a battery replacement.

Follow the ifixit guide here:

Good Luck!