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Post originale di: jessabethany ,


Yes, be sure not to kink the flex and fold it toward the LCD so that it tucks under the board.

If the flex develops a crease--especially with the cheap screens---then it may never work.

But the problem here is a taping issue.  You need to tape the digitizer as in the original.  This means: a line of tape (kapton tape is best, electrical tape is too tacky) across the bottom of the digitizer where the glass meets the colored surround.  Tape on the home flex in two spots as in original to cover some of the copper parts of the home flex.   Tape over the two LCD screws on the right hand side of the digitizer as in original.

Taping will solve this.   There is an extensive thread on here that describes digitizer ghosting and the work done to figure out this taping ritual.   Maybe someone can provide the link?