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My ear bud jack was stuck in the female jack of my iMac.  I read all kinds of solutions with glue a straw or drilling.  All of which imposed a risk of further damage.

Here is what I did and the tools I used.

RS-232 pin straightener (for us old analog guys)

[product|IF145-059|iFixit Probe and Pick Set]

[product|IF145-215|iFixit Flat Needle Nose Pliers]

I covered the display and unibody with a heavy towel for protection and Unplugged power

Used pin straightened tool to free the edges of the headphone male jack from the female internal jack

Used the smallest probe to pull the stuck piece forward

Used the needle nose pliers to grab the jack and remove it

Success without any damage to my oh so addicting iMac 27"

As always I used this site to get ideas.  Thanks iFixit you are amazing!