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Black Vertical Lines on LCD assembly after replacement


okay, I own a small repair shop and I've surprised that no one else has seen this issue before. I've had strange issues where, after replacement, the iphone 5 screen has large vertical parallel black bars. Initially, I was buying these off eBay and thought maybe I was getting ripped off (as eBay vendors have become increasing shady lately selling parts with dead pixels and very low quality LCDs). The weird thing, is even my 'high quality' vendor that I use, who sells me these screens (at a higher price) has screens with this issue, so I'm beginning to think this is not them but me.

These black bars fade and disappear after the phone has been on for 2-3minutes and does not reappear unless the screen is taken off again (even if power cycled). My question is, wtf is this? Why doesn't the OEM screen do the same thing? I can literally put the screen on and off and it never does this. Even my 'non-OEM' iphone 4/4s screens don't do this. I was about to toss a bunch of these I bought until I found out this problem fades shortly after it's mounted on the iphone for the first time. I know I'm not the only person with this problem!


iPhone 5