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I bought my 27" iMAc in June 2012. In November 2013 the left side of the screen went dark exactly as described by others here. I rang Apple Support, I had extended my 1 year warranty by 2 additional years. Almost immediately the person in Apple Support diagnosed the problem as related to the LCD screen and said that the screen would need to be replaced, under warranty. He double checked with a colleague and confirmed the initial diagnosis.

I brought the machine to Apple Centre last Saturday for repair, and on a visual inspection, the person there changed the diagnosis to probaly the backlight board needing to be replaced. He ordered a new backlight board and, just in case, he also ordered a LCD screen, if the replacement of the backlight board didn't work. While the cost is covered by warranty, I was given an invoice, cost £429/c €500 / c. $700.

I asked if this was a common problem and was told that in about two years there, he had seen this two or three times.

I was told it would be three to five days and hope to collect it this week. I will update when appropriate.