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Hello bought my 27" November 2011 and about 4 months later the same left side went dim.

I bought a year of protection through the retailer (Best Buy) and just before the expiration was up I took it in to see if they could repair it and they said it would be too much to repair @ $1,700, worth more than the computer itself.

They gave me the option to get a newer model.  (I paid only $1,300 for that 27" because it was a floor model and Apple was getting ready to launch their newer IMacs in 2013 so I got some discounts) Now I can only buy Mac that is of equal value or put up the difference.

I ended up getting the 21" instead, which is faster than the one I bought. I made a stink about all my programs installed so they took out the hardrive and just gave it to me.