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Post originale di: Rod Cortez ,



I have a 5 yr old Plasma by Panasonic.  I had the same issue and spoke to a tv repairman.  He informed me that a new circuit board would cost around $175 and a new Panasonic Plasma would be $400 so it wasn't worth getting a new circuit board.  I was able to use a "band aid" solution below that seems to be working for now.  I'm probably going to have to purchase a new tv within the next 2 years.

Try the following:

Unplug the TV for 1 minute and plug into a different power circuit, if possible, separate from the other components.  Turn it on and it should work.

Try taking out the back cover and use a compressed air cleaner to clean all of the dust off the board.

Avoid powering off your tv and quickly turning it back on.  The blinking light issue will surely occur.