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The LCD its self is likely OK here. The logic board has the power circuity for the LED backlight and it could need repair.

But, first lets see if the data cable is OK. Does the backlight wink on and off when you tilt the lid or press on the display? If it does then you likely have a bad cable. Review this IFIXIT guide [guide|1428|Replacing MacBook Unibody Model A1278 LCD Panel] In this case we need to get to the cable on the LCD and logic board to replace it

From the Apps store download '''Temperature Gauge''' or some other like monitoring program. With it running see what the temp of the display is when the backlight goes out. Then try lowering the screen brightness does the backlight stay working longer and is the temp lower? If it is then you may have a bad display (the LED backlight part of it).

If it winks out with no movement at any brightness then your problem is on the logic board and you will need to review the backlight power circuit. You likely have a cold solder joint on one of the power FET's.