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Post originale di: Paul ,


To be honest, if it was destroyed in a car accident just about anything is possible.

Was it a bad accident, and do you know if the phone copped much of an impact, ie was it thrown across the car and slammed in to a door panel for example?

I can think of a few possibilities:

1. Damaged Battery

2. Damaged circuit board from the impact

3. 1 or more sensitive components damaged

4. An already suss solder joint losing connection

The battery is obviously easy enough to check (if you can borrow one)

If not the battery I would think it's most likely one of the other points I've raised, if this is the case it won't be easy (or cheap) to fix unless you have a mate experienced in this sort of thing.

If you even consider taking to the board with a soldering iron, make sure you use someone with experience. Not a job for beginners.

Cheers Paul