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A1181 MacBook, black screen on startup


Hi, I recently bought a late 2006 macbook. It didn't come with a hard drive, so I bought one, installed it but it doesn't have an OS on there.

Whenever the magsafe connector is plugged in (I think the battery is dead, as it won't charge) the screen flashes white and then stays black.

The DVD drive and hard drive both spool up, but I don't hear a start up chime?

I've tried

Re-seating both pieces of RAM. One at a time, and in alternate slots, even without any RAM in.

I've tried connecting to an external monitor to see if I can see anything, but even when connected to a working iMac the external monitor doesn't show anything until OSx has fully loaded.

I've even tried to see if the firewire cable works for a remote install, but not being able to see the screen, it become obviously pointless. I've tried resetting the PRAM, too.

Is my logic board dead? :(

I've got a new inverter, RAM, and a new hard drive with OSx pre-installed on there, so I can double check with those, oh and a new battery

Any help would be appreciated :)