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Odd answers given here  :-(  Its really really bad for people to keep leaving answers that are just a base level vague guess at something they heard from a man in the street lol.

Dave,  there ain't any screws in the iphone range that go in the direction of the LCD, and are long enough to reach let alone do any damage.  Plus you can have the phones working as with most things without even having screws in anywhere - many engineers do bench tests before a rebuild - especially on an item with 30+ intricate 2mm screws.

CydiaAddict,  what on ear use is this text ?  Why not wait, get the part, then let readers know if it actually did or didnt fix it ?  Saying a part is on order?  well that's about as much use as me saying I wear slippers,  and they go on my feet somewhere.  Nothing to add,  no information to gain  :-(

The iphone 4s i'm now fixing is having a flickering unreadable screen,  but a 2nd new screen from a different supplier didn't fix the problem.  Neither did contact cleaning/reseating,  cable replacing,  master reset or anything else I could find.  Ive bookmarked this question in here though and will reply as soon as I have something definite to help with.  I hate iphones lol,  far too fragile and expensive.  I'll stick with my standard mobiles  :-D