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I'm assuming your 2TB Time Capsule is the shorter, older, model.

[guide|2750|This iFixit guide] should walk you through removing the hard drive.  The gist of the repair is you will remove the rubber bottom using a heatgun or hairdryer along with a paint scraper to work through the adhesive.  Once the rubber bottom is removed you can unscrew the metal bottom cover and access the hard drive.  Honestly, the rubber bottom is the biggest hurdle in this repair, once it's removed the hard drive is then very easy to remove as well.

[|This video] shows the process as well.

Once the hard drive is removed you can install it into just about any 3.5" SATA hard drive enclosure.  The guts of the Time Capsule would be a bit harder to source an enclosure for.  If it were me I would try to remove just enough to perform the reset, then reinstall everything into the original enclosure.  The rubber bottom could be placed back on without the adhesive which would make future repair much quicker if necessary.  If the reset button is hard to reach then you may be able to widen it's access hole once the Time Capsule is all apart.

Hopefully that helps!