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Post originale di: nickgelinas ,


@oldturkey03 I see him asking! the power thing I fixed on my 1000 by jamming an extra psp screw into where the bottom of the battery is, it only started after I replaced the shell but i jammed the battery into place with that lil screw and it fixed everything. I thought at first it was just a stability thing because it was missing a lot of screws but then i got them all in there good and it didn't make a difference, and i realized the somewhat random losses of power was due to the battery not being properly connected.

tl;dr jam a screw between psp and bottom of battery (at the opposite end of the contacts) and your shutoffs are no more

I hope this helps SOMEBODY

and that the slap thing works. a good test to see if you've resolved the issue is go into web browser and see if the cursor works