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How do I fix Charging Port on my DSI XL consoles?


I  have 4 working DSi XL consoles. On 3 of them I experience the same difficulty charging the battery.

When the charger is plugged, its terminal makes EITHER poor contact OR none at all, and I have to twist and turn and contort the charger terminal to get the charging light to come on and to stay on.

I've opened one of the consoles (the "hardest to charge" one) to replace the port with spares bought off the Internet

But the soldered leads on the port seem fine. However it looks as though there is a design problem which makes it difficult to access the component to check it properly.

I'd just as soon remove the one port and replace it as a matter of course - as a learning experience - but i thought I'd ask HERE first. More experienced do-it-yourselfers: can you help? Advice, please (photos will be GREAT.


Nintendo DSi XL