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Hi, I have a similar Issue.  A1211, Power works fine, green light, charges battery fine (while orange).  Solid Sleep light, No startup chime, A little disk access, a few clicks.  What differs on mine to some on the forums is that i get power from both USB sockets but also there is a disk in the superdrive but no activity from that at all.  Fans spin also.

Just wondering if the power to USB and the dead superdrive makes any difference in diagnosing the issue.  I have tried all the resets known to man, key combinations, no memory, some memory, swapping it around with new memory, all sorts.  I also attempted a reflow of the Logic board at 190-200c for 7-8 minutes, seemed to work fine but made no difference at all.  Wanted to ask advice before I attempt that again.

Appreciate any pointers.  Many thanks.