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Post originale di: Howie Isaacks ,


I have had some small success with heating the dented area with a hair dryer, and then applying extreme cold to it after.  I did this with a compressed air can.  If you hold the compressed air can upside down, it makes the air come out extremely cold.  This seemed to reduce the depth of the dent, so this method has some potential.  I figure that if I heat the area longer, and maybe massage the dent a little just before blasting it with cold air, it might get he dent worked out.  In my case, the dent isn't that bad, and is barely noticeable.  My obsession with keeping my MacBook Pro in perfect condition is the only thing driving me to pursue this.  It's ridiculous that we would have to buy an entire display assembly, just to fix this.  iResQ will do the repair for just over $700, but that's still really high JUST for a slab of aluminum that has a small dent.