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How does your radiator look?  Was it replaced or flushed?  It may be blocked.  Also this could be a water pump problem if the thermostat is opening but no water is circulating through the block.  Check every fuse not just one of them, because one fuse often controls more than one circuit.  You can use a test light or VOM meter for the procedure. There is also a heater control valve on that vehicle that may not be working.  In addition to that, there is also a vent door actuator that swings in one direction to allow the heater core to be exposed to the fan.  If it is stuck in the other direction it will be wide open for the A/C.  Just take it one step at a time starting with the radiator.  As the car warms up at idle the upper hose should be warm after a period of minutes indicating that the Antifreeze is circulating through the pump/bock and thermostat.  If it never gets warm, you found the source of over heating.  Next with the car hot and running check to see if you have voltage at the fan. It could be the fan is defective. If no voltage is present look toward the newly replaced control module for the fan.  If no voltage is present at that connector and the fuses are all good, you have a broken wire.  Post your findings and I will try to help you further.