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I also bought a battery with APN 616-0435 while the original battery was 616-0431 on my iPhone 3GS. The first one was completely empty and it wouldn't charge. I returned it and got a replacement. The second one was charged at 44% but when I connected the charger, I saw the icon of the power plug on top of the battery icon instead of the lightning icon that would indicate that the battery was being charged. I left it on for a little while but the battery kept discharging. So I measured the voltage between the original battery and the new one and I found out differences:

the pin out of the battery is (pin 1 is on the bottom of the battery)

Pin 1: Ground

Pin 2: NTC_CONN (data)

Pin 3: BATT_TEMP_CONN (battery temperature, 2.5V should indicate 25 degrees celcious)

Pin4: BATT_VCC (the actual power output of the battery)

The thing is that measuring between Pin2 and Pin3 or Pin2 and Pin4 on the original battery would give me the same result as from Pin1 and Pin3 and Pin1 and Pin4, while on the new battery I was getting 0V.

Also, the resistance between Pin1 and Pin2 on the original battery was 10KOhm while on the new one it was infinite.

I found the schematics of the iPhone 3GS on the net:

Printer.rar (

Printer.rar (

I'll try to see if using a 10kOhm resistor between the pin1 and pin2 will do the trick. If it doesn't I will return the battery again and try to get one with the right APN...