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Next time an iPad 2 WiFi comes in to my shop I will do a guide on repairing the WiFi as part of the service (very straight-forward, takes 15 minutes at most on a non-shattered screen)

I just did a repair on an iPad 2 WiFi (my first one) and snapped the WiFi cable while removing the digitizer (was left on top of a car, skidded 30 metres along a street and was run over by 2 more cars) which had been shattered into hundreds of pieces, power button and chassis had been compacted ~10-20mm inwards and towards the front. Suffice to say, a difficult repair. Ended up using the Dremel to create a new home for the power button even haha.

The WiFi cable itself is an easy job to do, however, if you are not an experienced technician (an actual technician, not 'I've run a tech store outta me garage for 7 years and thusly I am the hottest of all shite' technician - MCTS, MCITP, ACMT (for those playing in Australia) Cert IV I.T etc.) you may find it a bit daunting and you may make simple errors that cause major problems (not draining the battery completely - working on a live PCB - using metal spudgers to decouple flex cables - overheating adhesive before prying iPad open and melting the home button etc. etc. etc.).

If you would still like to jump in straight away a quick Google search found a very usable Youtube tutorial:

Like I said though, if you are even slightly unsure about it, don't do it, get it done by a professional. You will know within 2 minutes of starting whether you are going to succeed or fail.

As mentioned above, within a couple of weeks (hopefully) I'll have a WiFi tutorial up on iFixit for you guys, just need someone to bring me another broken iPad 2 :)