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Son had the same problem with his 27" iMac,

One of the easiest repairs I have ever done,

perhaps excluding getting all the way down to the problem.

The problem is "cold solder" joints, I.E. the joint crack from stress, age and heat.

A quick touch of the solder iron, back to original.

You need to get the display out, peel the tape off, (keep track of it)

a few screws and some latches will remove the bezel.

Be careful at this point as you are now into some component that should remain clean and the actual display screen is easily cracked or damaged.

Once you are all the way disassembled, you will see where the 6 or so (on each side) wires go into the back, on the bottom on either side. From the front you will see the connector that these wires connect to the led "back light" boards,

Have some one experiecned with solderting, watch the heat!

reflow the solder joints and reassemble.

Enjoy your like new, trouble free display.