Peek Inside Your Pixel 4a with these Teardown Wallpapers

We popped open the Pixel 4a and judged it pretty interesting actually—once you get it open. The screen pops off first as in past Pixels, but there’s quicker, if complicated, access to the battery, too. Check out the full post to find out where Google put their stretch-release battery adhesive, and how they squeezed in their handset speakers, too.

If you’re itching for “interesting,” but not quite ready to open your shiny new midrange just yet, fear not! We’ve got the teardown wallpapers for you. This time around we’ve got the shiny internals with and without text—for those who like accuracy, and those who prefer a bit of minimalism. Plus our Superman-vison X-rays, of course. Click to open, then save these photos to your phone, long-press on the home screen and choose “Wallpapers,” select the guts you want to show off, and you’re good to go!

But wait, there’s more! Have you ever wanted to hear the inside of your phone? Check out our not-at-all-ASMR, very quiet Pixel 4a video teardown.

Pixel 4a Internals Wallpaper

Pixel 4a Internals (without text) Wallpaper

Pixel 4a X-Ray Wallpaper

Once again a hearty “Thank you!” to Creative Electron for their super vision!

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