See Through Your Last-of-its-Kind iMac 27″ 2020 With Our Teardown and X-Ray Wallpapers

The iMac 27″ 2020 model is a spec bump, a refresh, a slightly long-in-the-tooth design of a computer that’s due for a whole new look soon. And yet it was still a neat device to take apart.

We discovered some interesting things in our teardown of the new 5K, Retina Display iMac, like new mics and webcams. We also found some sad things, like soldered-on, non-upgrade-friendly storage. And a slot where a traditional spinning-disc hard drive should be, but now there’s … nothing! You can see exactly what we mean, right behind your work, with these iMac wallpapers. We’re quite beholden to the X-ray wizards at Creative Electron for managing to get a single see-through shot of this big computer, using some combination of ingenuity and magic.

To make either of these images your iMac desktop wallpaper:

  • Load this page on your iMac
  • Click on either image below to see the full size version
  • Right-click or Control-click on the full-size image and choose “Use Image as Desktop Picture” (Safari), or “Set As Desktop Background” (Firefox)
  • If you’re using Chrome or another browser, or do not see those options listed, save the image to your Pictures folder.
  • On some versions of macOS, you may be able to simply right/Control-click the image in Finder and choose “Set Desktop Picture.”
  • Otherwise, head into System Preferences, then Desktop & Screen Saver, make sure the “Desktop” tab is selected, then locate and select the iMac wallpaper image. If you saved the image somewhere other than Pictures, click the “+” at the bottom of the left-hand folder panel and add that folder to your options.

iMac 27″ 2020 Teardown Wallpaper

iMac 27″ 2020 Teardown Wallpaper (Darkened)

iMac 27″ 2020 X-Ray Wallpaper

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